Aberdeen Model Railway Club

AMRC and Digital

Here at Aberdeen MRC we have a number of members who have made the move to digital over the last 15 years or so. There is a huge amount of knowledge and understanding within the club in nearly every aspect of DCC. This makes AMRC the perfect place to come and visit - whether you wish to join the club to take advantage of our excellent discounts, or just seek our advice at an exhibition.

We regularly hold demonstrations on all aspects of digital, from the simplest decoder fitting process through to the use of bi-polar functionality and using iPhones to control trains. Feel free to approach us at any time if you need advice. Similarly, if you are a DCC genius, please feel free to join us or challenge us if you think something we are doing could be done better!

Some of the things we have done with DCC include:

As you can see, we are not afraid to try new things!

You can see our series "All About Digital" HERE. It is a new series we are doing to try and help everyone with DCC from the very beginners to the genius's!

Updated on 6th September 2011