Aberdeen Model Railway Club

About Aberdeen Model Railway Club

Martin Cheshire and Donald Reid formed Aberdeen Model Railway Club in 1972. The First Club premises was the billiard room in Martin's House in Cults. Over time the club grew steadily with a group who covered all the scales available to railway modellers. By 1975 the club was exhibiting layouts locally and as a member of the Association of Model Railway Societies in Scotland (AMRSS) at various locations outwith Aberdeen. Layouts being exhibited included those built by the club as well as those belonging to individual club members.

As the club grew, premises were always an issue and the club has moved several times before ending up in its present location at Ferryhill under the umbrella of the Ferryhill Railway Heritage Trust in the neighbouring shed.

The club runs its own exhibition in Aberdeen each October as well as attending others in Scotland throughout the year. The club has something to offer members at all levels of the hobby and after 40 years of loyal membership can still count on its founding members within its ranks.

Updated on 22nd November 2012